Jim Fleischmann


    Served in USAF 1967-171 Amarillo TX, Chanute IL, McGuire AFB, NJ Crew Chief/ Flt Engineer C-141 Acft. Post chef and the organizer of sending Coast Guardsmen home for the Holiday. Trustee fall 2013 to June 2015. 1st Vice Commander June 2015 to June 2016. Commander 2016 to present.

        Thomas P. McCullough

        1st Vice Commander

        Served in Vietnam era NJ National Guard 1965-1973. HQ Company 114 infantry (M).
        Rose to rank of Sergeant E-5 in S-4 section. Canteen Manger 2010-2014. S.A.L. Advisor 2012-2014. Coordinator of numerous Post projects and events.  Service Officer 2010 to 2015. 2nd Vice Commander 2015 to 2016. 1st Vice Commander 2016 to present.

            Jim Sullivan

            2nd Vice Commander

            Served in Coast Guard from 1970-1974, achieving rank of E-5. Stationed Curtis Bay, Baltimore MD, Yorktown VI, and Cape May, NJ, plus three years of sea duty. 2nd Vice Commander June 2016 to present



                    John Morrison

                    Financial Officer

                    Served in the Marine Corps from 1968 to 1972; in Viet Nam with 2nd Battalion. 1st Marines infantry from February 1969 through February 1970. Stationed at the Marine Barracks at the Philadelphia Navy Yard from 1970 until 1972. Achieved rank of Sgt. E5. Financial officer June 2016 to present.

                        Bob Levins


                        Served in the Marine Corp reserve from 1962-1968. Actively involved within Post 2007 to present. Sergeant-at-Arms 2011 to present.

                            Deborah West

                            Post Service Officer

                            Served in the U.S. Air Force as medical service specialist (medic) 1972-1976, stationed at Craig AFB, AL. Obtained rank of Sgt.  Member of The American Legion for 7 years.   Attended Legion College basic and service officer courses.  Served as County Service Officer 2011 to 2016. Post bugler 2014 to present. Post Service officer 2016 to present.

                                Russ Migeot


                                Served in the ‘old brown boot M1 Army’ in Europe and Turkey 1959-1964. Had stint in the British Army of the Rhine in northern Germany. Rank of Sgt. obtained. Managed the annual 50/50 raffle and Pancake Breakfast 2012 to present. Historian 2013 to present.

                                    Kevin Coyle


                                    Served in Army 1966-1968; Vietnam 1968 artillery. Rank Sgt. E-5. Post 1st Vice commander 2009-2011 and Post Commander 2011-2013. Trustee 2013 to present.

                                        Jon Ready


                                        Served in Army 1969-1971 and was assigned to 1st Infantry Division. Served in Lai Khe Vietnam. Trustee 2014 to present.

                                            Bill Lehman


                                            ROTC at University of Delaware, 1958-1963. Officer Basic Training at Fort Sill, OK, 1963. Served 4th Howitzer Battalion, 18th Artillery, V Corps, 7th Army, Hanau, Germany, 1963- 1965. Active Reserve1965-1967, Inactive Reserve 1967-1969. Trustee for 2nd term 2015 to present.

                                                Harry Clayton


                                                Served in Army 1953-1955. Stationed in Seoul, Korea 1954-1955 in 22nd Signal Group attached to Eighth Army. Involved with Boys State 2011 to present, Post 331 History Walk as docent 2009 to present. County American Legion selection committee for Legionnaire of the Year 2014 to present. Post Commander 2013 to 2016. Trustee 2016 to present.

                                                    Bill Keenan


                                                    Served in Army, 1st Armored Division, Tank Commander, Sergeant First Class 1955-1961.Post Historian 1996-1970, 1st Vice Commander 1997, Commander 1997-2000, 1st Vice Commander 2002-2005, Commander 2005-2007, Trustee 2007-2016. Chaplain 2007 to present.