Jersey post sends Coast Guardsmen home for holidays

Thanks to Jim Fleischmann efforts on behalf of the Coast Guard project and all who supported his effort and contributed.


December 17, 2014

Post 331 in Stone Harbor raises funds to send two Coast Guardsmen from Training Center Cape May home to spend holidays with their families

Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Cameron Hutchens and his wife, Rebekah, receive their tickets and travel itinerary from Legionnaire Jim Fleischmann for their fully paid trip home for the holidays. (U.S. Coast Guard Photo by Chief Warrant Officer John Edwards)

Legionnaire James Fleischmann remembers what it was like to serve in the Air Force and not have much in the way of expendable income. And he remembers what it was like to be away from family over the holidays during service.

So Fleischmann – a member of Stephen Ludlam American Legion Post 331 in Stone Harbor, N.J. – went to his post with the idea to send a Coast Guardsmen stationed at nearby Training Station Cape May home for the holidays to see either mom or grandma. As a result, Petty Officer 3rd Class Cameron Hutchens and Seaman Betty Siscoe will be heading home soon, all expenses paid.

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Vintage Houses of Stone Harbor

December 19, 2014

 Harry Clayton, Commander of American Legion Post 331, is presented a “Vintage House of Stone Harbor” plaque by Bob Ashman of the Stone Harbor Museum. The American Legion Post 331 has diligently maintained and preserved this former Life Saving Station built in 1895. It is the oldest building in Stone Harbor. Commander Clayton said “Our Post 331 is honored to accept this first Vintage House of Stone Harbor certification and will proudly display this plaque”.


The Historic Preservation Committee of the Stone Harbor Museum endeavors to encourage the preservation of the unique heritage of Stone Harbor. The establishment of the “Vintage Houses of  Stone Harbor” program formally recognizes and celebrates certified houses.

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Lighthouse Challenge

Visit the Stone Harbor Life Saving Station, built in 1895, it was recently placed on the national Register of Historic Places. Throughout the facility there are murals and displays outlining this stations heritage to our current Coast Guard. The surf men assigned to this station were the heroes of the American Coast. They routinely risked their lives in maritime rescues. The Life Saving Service was the answer to the most basic question of shipwrecked sailors. Who will help us in our time of greatest need? Climb our tower to observe the vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, Hereford Inlet and the back bays that the surf men continuously monitored for ships in distress.

Continuing the theme of serve to our county there are displays and information in our museum depicting activities in our major conflicts since World War I. Of particular interest are artifacts obtained and brought home by our local veterans

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 Picture of Legion