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Cape May County Healthcare Resources Committee

V. Lachman, Post 331Adjutant, Cape May Veterans Advisory Committee, Health Committee Chair and Chair of the Cape May County Healthcare Committee is organizing a group of healthcare professional in Cape May county. The mission of the committee is to increase access and coordination of care for veterans in Cape May County across the continuum of care (e.g., primary care, hospital, home care, long-term care and other psychological supports). Presently there are 30 organizations who have committed. Two meetings were held and third is scheduled for January 2015. The Goal of committee is to develop website in 2015, then advertise site  in church bulletins, local papers and other media. Materials will be downloaded and placed in binder for all service officers in Cape May County. A link will occur here to website when it is developed.
Physicians at both Shore Medical Center and Cape Regional Medical Center have been certified to provide care to veterans under the PC3 below. The VA has a list of certified providers, therefore, they should give you access to these physicians.

Changes in VA to Increase Access to Healthcare for Veterans

Patient-Centered Community Care Veterans Homepage

When do I get care through PC3?

VA maintains responsibility for your primary care. In instances where you require specialty care that is not readily available through your VA Health Care Facility (HCF), your HCF may use the PC3 contract to purchase your care.

Who decides if I get care through PC3?

Your HCF’s clinical and Non-VA care teams coordinate to determine if the care is available at your HCF, a nearby HCF or other healthcare partner. If not, they will look to the PC3 contract to buy the care. If you need care, you should always start with your VA healthcare provider at your local facility.

What is the process for receiving care under PC3?


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May 30, 2014

LoBiondo Introduces “Vets Health ID Act”

Federal, Congressional Probes of VA Grows to over 40 Facilities, Thousands of Veterans Left Waiting for Access to Care May 30, 2014


WASHINGTON, D.C. – As previewed to local veterans at the American Legion in Millville on Tuesday, U.S. Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo (NJ-02) today formally introduced the “Vets Health ID Act” to create a pilot program in South Jersey “under which eligible veterans may elect to receive hospital care and medical services at non-Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities.”
       “The promise made to our veterans is threatened by systemic failures of leadership, gross mismanagement, bureaucratic red-tape and a lack of common compassion. As veterans are being made to wait months for medical appointments and, in South Jersey, travel out of state for care, it is time to fully utilize local healthcare resources and professionals in advance of our shared mission,” said LoBiondo. “I applaud the unwavering efforts of local advocates who have long agreed that our veterans should have the choice in where they receive treatment. Despite significant increases in funding and resources over the past few years, it is clear the current VA system is not caring for our veterans as it was intended. My legislation is a responsible way to ensure the health needs of our veterans are met in a timely, professional and compassionate manner.”
 LoBiondo’s bill would require the VA to establish a pilot program in each of the twenty-three (23) Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN) that grants an eligible veteran a “unique identification card” that allows for medical care at non-VA facilities at the VA’s expense. Furthermore, LoBiondo’s legislation specifically states that New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District will be one of the pilot programs. South Jersey is part of VISN 4. The pilot programs would need to be established and operating within one year of LoBiondo’s bill being signed into law.
Throughout his time in office, LoBiondo has sought to increase local access and health services at community-based care facilities for South Jersey veterans, including advocating for new VA clinics such as those in Cape May and Northfield. In 2011, upon learning that the VA had existing blanket ordering agreements for dialysis service providers, LoBiondo forced the VA to publicly disclose those agreements and the requirements needed for South Jersey veterans to receive dialysis treatments locally.
 Last week LoBiondo called for the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki amid additional reports of mistreatment of veterans at VA hospitals and facilities across the country. The VA Inspector General’s report released earlier this week detailed recent allegations that VA health clinics used inappropriate scheduling practices to help boost their overall performance, affecting 1,700 veterans at the Phoenix VA Medical Center alone.
 “Each day more revelations surface about the horrific treatment our veterans have received, yet President Obama continues to keep Secretary Shinseki at the helm of the VA. There are no words to justify the disrespect some veterans have received and no action short of Secretary Shinseki’s dismissal that will begin to repair the extensive breach of trust with those who sacrificed so much for our country,” reiterated LoBiondo.
 The full text of LoBiondo’s “Vets Health ID Act” (H.R. 4759)
When advising veterans to request assistance from the Congressman using the “Veterans Release Form” (see attached), we need two things:
1.    A pending claim or action already submitted to a federal agency and;
2.    Enough information to base our inquiry
a.    If the supplied space is insufficient the Veteran may use a separate piece of paper
b.    Attachments are not required; however; if warranted please attach



Transportation for Veterans to VA clinics and hospitals in Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE

Call Fred Trasatti, Jr. 215-778-5599 Monday through Thursday service
 Help in filing for VA benefits:
Cape May County NJ Veteran’s Bureau
Virginia Tomlin, Director
Social Services Building, DN 902
4005 Route 9 South
Rio Grande, NJ 08242
Jacki Bladyes
Veteran’s Representative
Cape May County One-Stop Career Center

Allyson Bailey
Assistant CEO
NJ Veterans Memorial Home
Vineland, NJ


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